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Proven Non-insurance Strategies that Lower Risk and Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

1. Obey traffic laws, including the speed limit — laws designed to reduce both the frequency and severity of automobile accidents.

2. Perform regular safety maintenance of your vehicle (brakes, tires, steering, lights).

3. Purchase a safer vehicle that is highly rated for low damageability and passenger safety.

4. Pay extra for added safety features like air bags or antilock brakes.

5. Always wear your seat belt and insist your passengers do too.

6. Buy the highest-rated child safety seats and always uses them. Take behind-the-wheel defensive driving classes.

7. Require your teenager to have at least 30 hours practice behind the wheel on his permit under all sorts of driving conditions before allowing him to get a driver’s license. No one can ever develop the skills needed to be a safe driver in just a few hours of mandatory driver’s education.

8. Allow your teenager to drive based upon your determination of his or her ability to responsibly operate a car — regardless of when your state says your teenager can drive. The teen who behaves immaturely and irresponsibly out of a vehicle usually behaves in similar fashion in a vehicle.


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